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This webpage enumerates names of persons with the surname "Villavicencio" that existed during the 1800s in the Philippines. Majority of the names listed here were retrieved from the database of based on the research of Michelle Villavicencio.

Maria Villavicencio was born in 1836 and died on Oct 6, 1910 in Manila at age 74. (Source: Philippine-EASy, Index no. 104977-3, GS Film No. 1495824, Reference ID 6638,

Carmelo Villavicencio was born in 1839 and died on Dec 18, 1917 at age 78. (Source: Philippine-EASy, Index no. 104989-4, GS Film No. 1495855, Reference ID 7726,

Maria Petra Feliciana Villavicencio was christened on May 4, 1842 in San Bartolome, Malabon. Her parents were Manuel Villavicencio and Maria de Table. (Source: Philippine-EASy, Index no. CO1772-6, GS Film No. 1128761,

Eulalio Villavicencio was born in 1842 and died on Feb 26, 1896.

Marcela Villavicencio was born in 1845 and died on Nov 7, 1915 in Manila at age 70. (Source: Philippine-EASy, Index no. 104978-2, GS Film No. 1495843, Reference ID 7222,

Josefa Balanadya Villavicencio was born in 1846 and died on Sept 2, 1956 in Manila at the age of 110.

Isabelo Villavicencio was born on Jun 23, 1855 to Gaspar Villavicencio and Rafaela de Leon. (Source: Philippine Civil Registration, Spanish Period, Batangas/Multiple towns/Nacimientos,defunciones, 1873-1895, image 183, N.3.407.119)

Juan Villavicencio(?) died Dec 23, 1855 with same parents as Vicente

Vicente Villavicencio(?) died Dec 25, 1855

Paterno Villavicencio(?) married to Rita Marella and died in 1855.

Jose Villavicencio married Josefa Dalo and died on Jan 12, 1857.(?)

Bartolome Villavicencio(?) was born on Feb 2, 1856 to Jose Villavicencio and Josefa Dalo.

Luis Villavicencio was born on May 21, 1856 to Juan Villavicencio and Regina Cirio and died April 29 1861

Manuel Villavicencio died July 23 1856(?)

Esteban Villavicencio died on Dec 22, 1857 in Batangas.(?)

Martin Villavicencio was born on Jan 21, 1857 in Batangas to Vicente Villavicencio and Juana Banaag.

Luis Villavicencio was born in 1861 and died on Mar 4, 1921 in Manila at age 60. (Source: Philippine-EASy, Index no. 104984-3, GS Film No. 1515422, Reference ID 1736,

Balbino Villavicencio was born in 1862(?) and died on April 27, 1893. He married Graciana Fernando.

Raymundo Villavicencio(?) was born in 1862 to Domingo Villavicencio and M. Patolo. He died on April 11, 1868.

Ynocencio Villavicencio(?) was the son of Simon Villavicencio and Saturnina de Ramos. He was born in 1862 and died on july 23, 1863.

Antonia Villavicencio was married to Pio Reyes. They had a son named Vicente Reyes who was born on Nov 15, 1873.

Juan Villavicencio born on Dec 27, 1873 to Pedro Villavicencio and R. Orlina

Adeodato Villavicencio was born in Taal on Oct 10, 1873 to Cornelio Villavicencio and Josefa de Ocampo.

Inocencio Villavicencio was born in 1875 to Gaspar Villavicencio and Rafaela de Leon and married Nicasia Caldo at the age of 45 on Dec 29, 1920 at Taal, Batangas. Nicasia Caldo was born to Alfonso Caldo and Inocencia Cabral in 1880 and married Inocencio at the age of 40. (Source: Philippine-EASy, Index no. 105592-5, GS Film No. 1720037, Reference ID p.8,

Vicenta Villavicencio was born in 1880 to Gaspar Villavicencio and Rafaela de Leon and married Dionisio Magsino at the age of 40 on Feb 12 1928 at Taal, Batangas. Dionisio Magsino was born to Feliciano Magsino and Maria Dimaana in1883 and married Vicenta at the age of 45. (Source: Philippine-EASy, Index no. 105592-5, GS Film No. 1720037,

The above information shows the relationship of certain individuals to each other. Any other valid information that can be contributed by the readers will be appreciated and given due credit. Please email me at

Gaspar Villavicencio and Rafaela de Leon had the following descendants:
Isabelo Villavicencio born in 1855
Inocencio Villavicencio born in 1875
Vicenta Villavicencio born in 1880
Isabelo Villavicencio could have been the first husband of Josefa Marella who is the sister of Gliceria Marella.

Gliceria Marella married Eulalio Villavicencio in 1871. Eulalio was her uncle, a first cousin of her father, Vicente Marella. This could mean that the sister of Vicente's father - Sebastian was married to a Villavicencio who bore Eulalio. Listed above is a certain Paterno Villavicencio married to a Rita Marella. Paterno died in 1855 and Eulalio was born in 1852. Could Paterno Villavicencio and Rita Marella possibly be the parents of Eulalio Villavicencio?

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Notes by Michelle:
Some of the Villavicencio names written in the database of were abbreviated as Villav'o. There is a dot after the 2nd v and the o is smaller and on top.  The same abbreviated structure can be seen to have been applied also to the surname Villanueva. There were also instances of Villavicencio appearing as Villavicen.o with the o smaller and on top.

In the scanned archives, the documents contains a subheading under "estado" which lists either the parents or who the person was married to.  The "Cd con" means "casado con" or "married to". The "P" stands for "padres" or "parents".

Note on belongs to the Church of the Latter Day Saints or the Mormon Church. They have started to digitize baptismal, birth, death and marriage records of the inhabitants of the Philippines based on church and civil records dating back to 1642 until 1994. Most of the original records were written in transcript and the data that was entered into their database was based on the interpretation of the data entry personnel. Names and surnames were misspelled as entered into the database causing redundancy in the data and false identity. One would appreciate the value of utilizing their database rather than having to travel to the different towns and cities around the country in order to gather these data from the individual municipal offices and parish churches.