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Ilagan - Huerto


The family name "Ilagan" was originally "Ylagan".

We can trace the roots of the Ilagans of Taal to Jose Ylagan whose son Pedro was the father of Ignacio, the Captain Municipal of Taal during 1892-94. Ignacio married a Huerto and produced five offsprings. Another son of Pedro was Domingo who married Maria Martinez and produced six offsprings.

The children of Ignacio Ilagan were: Apolonia "Ate Nunay" Ilustre, Tiburcio "Tibo", Pedro, Anacleto "Cleto" and Delfina "Nena".

The children of Domingo Ilagan and Maria Martinez were: Rosario, Concepcion, Candida "Canding", Julita, Aniceto and Juan.

Tiburcio Huerto Ilagan married Ramona Goco had six offsprings namely: Marquita, Timoteo, Ignacio "Totoy", Meding Cosme, Rodosendo and Asunsion "Nene".

Ignacio "Totoy" was the mayor of Taal for 11 years and was appointed by Roxas. He married Modesta "Tentay" Mitra Cuerto from Nagcarlan. His wife also became the mayor after his term. He had four children namely: Celia, Tito, Myrna and Gumersindo "Mindo".

Candida "Canding" married a Barrion. She had 4 children namely Nely Inumerable, Cora Rodriguez, Charito and Ahorro.

The family tree of the Ilagans from Taal is illustrated below:
1 Jose Ylagan
1.1 Pedro YIlagan
1.1.1 Ignacio Ilagan married a Huerto
1.1.2 Domingo Ilagan married Maria Martinez

1.1.1 Ignacio Ylagan with Huerto had the following offsprings: Apolonia "Nunay" married an Ilustre Tiburcio "Tibo" (see notes below) Pedro Anacleto "Cleto" Delfina "Nena" Huerto Ilagan (1894-1943) married Sixto Villavicencio

1.1.2 Domingo Ylagan and Maria Martinez's offsprings were: Rosario Concepcion (1900) Candida "Canding" married a Barrion Julita Aniceto Juan Tiburcio "Tibo" had six offsprings namely: Marquita Timoteo Ignacio "Totoy" (1906) Meding married to a Cosme Rodosendo "Indito" married Blanca del Castillo Asuncion "Nene" Candida "Canding" had four offsprings namely: Nely married to a Inumerable Cora Barrion married to Vic Rodriguez Charito Ahorro Ignacio "Totoy" Ilagan married Modesta "Tentay" Mitra Cuerto and had four offsprings namely: Celia Ilagan Tito Ilagan Myrna Ilagan Gumersindo "Mindo" Ilagan

In the Orosa Genealogy Website, there is a mention of a Juliana Ylagan "Lola Kanang" who was presumably born in 1863. Her parents was listed as Pedro Ylagan and Marcela?? de Castro. She married Simplicio Orosa (1865-1910) also from Taal. Simplicio was the Captain of the SS Bulusan. Simplicio Orosa's parents were Guillermo Orosa and Hilaria Agoncillo.

Could Juliana Ylagan be a sibling of Ignacio Ylagan and thus, an aunt of Delfina Huerto Ilagan and grandmother to Ignacio "Totoy" Ilagan?

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Ignacio Ilagan (25 years old and born in 1906) married Modesta (22 years old and born in 1909) on Dec 3, 1931 in Taal, Batangas. The parents of Ignacio were Tiburcio Ilagan and Ramona Goco. The parents of Modesta were Silverio "Cruz"(??? typo error) and Paula Mitra.
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Tiburcio Ilagan and Ramona Goco had a child named Maria Ilagan born in 1904. At the age of 20 she married Jose Medina who was 23 years old and born in 1901. Date of marriage was Nov 6 1924 in Taal, Batangas. The parents of Jose Medina were Vicente Medina and Antonia Ilagan. Could Maria and Marquita be one and the same person?
This data has not been included in the family genealogy above.
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Domingo Ilagan and Maria Martinez had a child named Concepcion who was born in 1900. At the age of 18, she married Jose L. Sison who was born in 1898 and was 20 years old. The marriage date was April 8, 1918 in Manila. The groom's parents were Emiliano Sison and Victoria Legaspi.
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Interview with Mindo and Nora Ilagan, their son Gino Ilagan and with Corazon Barrion Rodriguez.
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