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Genetic History of Villavicencio

Below is the report of my DNA results for the Y-chromosome testing. The report is dated September 7, 1911. As stated in the report below, "the Y-chromosome is passed directly from father to son, unchanged, from generation to generation".

I belong to Haplogroup O (M175). My brothers belong to the same Haplogroup O as well as my father, grandfather and great grandfather. We can trace the roots of my great grandfather if we are able to get the DNA Y-chromosome of our male ancestors as well as their male descendants. I have deposited my DNA results in the Genographic database and hope that a match could be made with other unknown relatives in the Philippines and from other countries.

The Haplogroup O, M175 refers to the East Asian Clan that emerged 35,000 years ago during the ice age. The report says that more than half of all Chinese males carry the genetic marker M175 and is widespread throughout East Asia and found in lower frequencies in Tahiti and Indonesia.

Furthermore, the report says that 80 to 90 percent of all people living east of Central Asia's great mountain ranges are members of this halogroup O, the East Asian Clan. My ancestors populated the region from the north.

In summary, the pattern of migration of my ancestor's route is as follows:

M168, earliest ancestor roughly 50,000 years ago came from Africa

M89, 45,000 years ago from North Africa or the Middle East

M9, Eurasian clan 40,000 years ago from Iran or southern Central Asia

M214, about 35,000 years ago from Eurasia east of the Aral Sea

M175, the East Asian Clan, about 35,000 years ago from Central or East Asia coming from the north. Another group came from the south, descendants from the Coastal Clan that left Africa 60,000 years ago and headed along the coastline toward Australia and reached East Asia by 50,000 years ago.

Unfortunately, the results indicated here was not very conclusive because it covers migration patterns only from 35,000 years ago. It did not touch on the migratory routes of different population groups between that time and a thousand years ago. There could have been numerous cross-migration all around the world.

I will have to submit my DNA results for further testing so that it can identify my ancestors from a thousand years ago.



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