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Marella - Orosa


The Orosa brothers are: Guillermo, Basilio and Santiago.

1.1 Guillermo Orosa married Hilaria Encarnacion Agoncillo, the daughter of Vicente Agoncillo of Taal, Batangas and Micaela Encarnacion. They had one child named:

1.1.1 Simplicio Agoncillo Orosa who was born in 1865 in Taal, Batangas. He moved to Bauan, Batangas in the early 1900's and where he passed away in 1910. He married Juliana de Castro (Lola Kanang) Ylagan who was born on Aug 17, 1863 in Taal, Batangas and died on June 29, 1958 in Manila. The parents of Juliana were Pedro Ylagan and Micaela de Castro.

Simplicio and Juliana bore 8 children namely: Simplicia Y. (Piciang) Orosa (March 2, 1888 - Sep 25, 1980) married Doroteo (Manong Tiong) Ylagan (Dec 25, 1886 - Sep 5, 1963) on Jun 2, 1912. Vicente (1889- 1979) Dr. Sixto Y. Orosa (1891-Apr 10 1981) married Dr. Severina Luna Sixto Crisostomo "Ting" Luna Orosa, Jr (Jul 2, 1916 - Jun 2, 1995) married Edita (Eding) de Santos Y Trinidad (Sep 17, 1917 - Nov 3, 1993) on Aug 11, 1937 Maria Y. "Mary" Orosa was born on Nov 19, 1893 in Taal and died Feb 13, 1945 Felisa Y. "Feling" Orosa was born April 15, 1898 in Taal married Dr Vicente "Inte" Ylagan (Oct 24, 1894 - Jun 1, 1968) on Nov 21, 1921 Jose Y. "Pepe" Orosa(Jul 1900 - 1962) married Salud Ponce and then Amparo "Amparing" Canlas Atty. Nicolas Y. "Aching" Orosa (Sep 10, 1902- Aug 31 1978) married Laura Quinio on Jun 23, 1926 Rafael Y. "Paito" Orosa (Oct 24, 1903- Dec 26, 1989) married Fabiana "Bianang" Naguit (Jan 20 1905-Apr 26, 1987) on Oct 24, 1925

1.2 Basilio Orosa married Maria Buno
1.2.1 Pio Buno Orosa married Maria Ylagan
1.2.2 Geneveva Buno Orosa married Urbano Punzalan

1.2.3 Olimpia Buno Orosa married
1.2.3a Mariano Salazar
1.2.3b Gregorio Martinez

1.2.4 Isabel Buno Orosa married Pablo Aseron
1.2.5 Paulino Buno Orosa married Antonia Angeles

1.2.6a Agaton Buno Orosa married Josefa Marella
1.2.6a.1 Sofia Marella Orosa married Jose Macatangay
1.2.6a.2 Vicente Marella Orosa Sr. married a Banaag

1.2.6a.3 Mariano Marella Orosa married Irene Calayag Gonzales
1.2.6a.3a.1 Milagros "Milagring" Orosa married Jose Cabrera Aliling
1.2.6a.3a.1.1 Jose Julian "Pepito" Aliling
1.2.6a.3a.1.2 Jose Martin "Tito" Aliling
1.2.6a.3a.1.3 Jose Paciano "Chuchi" Aliling
1.2.6a.3a.1.4 Dr. Jose Bayani "Jing" Aliling
1.2.6a.3a.1.5 Ma. Milagros "Mimi" Aliling married Efren Lapus

1.2.6a.3a.2 Lilia Gonzales Orosa
1.2.6a.3a.3 Reynaldo Gonzales Orosa
1.2.6a.3a.4 Carolina Gonzales Orosa

1.2.6a.3 Mariano Marella Orosa married Gloria Punzalan
1.2.6a.3b.1 Cesar Jose Punzalan Orosa, Sr.
1.2.6a.3b.2 Danilo Punzalan Orosa
1.2.6a.3b.3 Eden Punzalan Orosa married Robert Vincent Kelemen

1.2.6b Agaton Buno Orosa married Teyang Sison
1.2.6b.1 Rita S. Orosa married Ireneo Roces Romey
1.2.6b.2 Ella S. Orosa "Ely" married Raquel-Santos
1.2.6b.2.1 Armand Orosa Raquel-Santos
1.2.6b.2.2 Lynn married Renato Sunico
1.2.6b.2.3 Lenore married Jose Lim
1.2.6b.2.4 Francis Orosa Raquel-Santos

1.2.6c Agaton Buno Orosa married Pepay Sison, sister of Teyang.
1.2.6c.1 Evar Sison Orosa
1.2.6c.2 Roberto Sison Orosa

1.2.6d Agaton Buno Orosa married Estanislao
1.2.6d.1 Elma Orosa married Dr. Jesus Manalo Paraiso

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