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Eulalio Villavicencio - Gliceria Marella Family


Eulalio Villavicencio was born in 1842 and died on Feb 26, 1896.
Gliceria Legaspi Marella was born on May 13, 1852 and died on Sept. 28, 1929.

Eulalio VillavicencioGliceria Marella

Eulalio married Gliceria in October 1871. Born of this union were:
1. Mariquita Villavicencio married Gregorio Agoncillo and had two offsprings namely:
1.1 Micaela Agoncillo (March 17, 1909 - April 17, 1924)
1.2 Corazon Agoncillo (Nov 29, 1912 - Oct 5, 1994)

Gregorio Agoncillo Mariquita Villavicencio

Corazon Agoncillo PhotoMicaela Agoncillo

2. Vicenta married Captain Jose Villavicencio. Born of this union were:
2.1 Lilia Villavicencio (1914 - 1919)
2.2 Montserrat "Monsy" (1915 - 2012) married to Geronimo Joven
2.3 Rodolfo "Popo" Villavicencio (1916-2010) married to Milagros Rulloda
2.4 Rosario "Rosy" Villavicencio (1922 - 2013)
2.5 Dra. Natividad "Naty" Villavicencio (1923 - 1996)

Jose Villavicencio Vicenta Villavicencio

Lilia Villavicencio

Gerry Joven Nenita Villavicencio

3. Jose Villavicencio married Micaela Atienza.

Jose Marella Villavicencio Micaela Atienza

4. Rita married Senator Vicente Ilustre of the First Philippine Senate.

Vicente Ilustre Rita Villavicencio

5. Sixto Villavicencio married Delfina Huerto Ilagan.

Sixto Villavicencio Delfina Ilagan

6. Dr. Antonio Villavicencio died in New York at a young age of 25 years old.
     For more information about Antonio, click here.
    (Note: Correct DOB is Feb 7, 1894 and not Feb 18, 1895).

Born out of the union of Sixto Villavicencio and Delfina Ilagan were:
5.1 Horacio (1913-1940) married Raquel del Castillo.

Horacio and Racquel Villavicencio

5.2 Edgardo "Edgar" married Pacita "Titang" Fajardo.
5.3 Liwayway "Weweng" married Edmundo "Eddie" Jacinto.

Liwayway Villavicencio

5.4 Marina "Maring" married Francisco "Paking" Erana.
5.5 Ligaya Villavicencio

5.6 Maria Villavicencio (According to Tita Ligaya, Maria was born after her but before Tita Iray and that Maria died when she was a child. This information needs to be validated because the date of death of Maria as indicated in her gravestone at La Loma Cemetery is Febrero 2, 1911. However, Tita Ligaya was born in 1923 and Tita Sincera was born in 1925.)

5.6 Sincera "Iray" Villavicencio (died 2013)
5.7 Sixto Jr. "Tito" married Teresita "Teresing" Vargas.
5.8 Corazon "Baby" married Mariano "Nonong" Sto. Domingo.

Born out of the union of Sixto Sr. and Felisa Legaspi was:
5b.1 Rafael "Ralph" (1913-1988) married to Luz "Luchi" Villanueva (1920-1984).

Rafael Villavicencio

The ancestors of Gliceria Marella can be viewed at Sebastian Marella Genealogy.

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Information on the fourth generation living descendants of Eulalio Villavicencio and Gliceria Marella can be viewed at:
" " (a private site).